Monday, January 3, 2011

more christmas? oh yeah.

monday the 3rd was a crazy busy day. the girls and i spent a lot of time in the car. river and i picked flower up from school and we went to lunch at taco time. then we went to piano lessons. we met kris there to exchange our 'first monday dinners'. she also gave us our christmas gifts. that turned out to be a savior later in the day. after piano we went to k106 radio station to pick up some loot that i'd won. i won 7 mannheim steamroller cd's, a key chain and some hot cocoa. yeehaw!
after that we went to star, which is a 40 minute drive away which was the perfect napping time for the girls. i had to take two bracelets back to chickadee beads. one was mine and one my mom's. they were both too big so she adjusted them for me. after dropping them off we took the long scenic route to karate. there is sure a lot of beauty on those country roads. the girls finally woke up and we had more than an hour to kill so we stopped off the side of the road near some horses and enjoyed the view.

after a little bit i let the girls open their christmas presents so they could play with them. they first opened a pair of very cute mugs.
river loved her little hamster and cage. it was perfect.

flower loved her puzzle too and couldn't wait to get home to put it together.

i was very excited about our gift! i've used it a ton!
while flower was at karate, river and i went across the street to the farmers market to buy fruit and veggies. we also got some yummy cowboy cavier. so good.
when we got home i was so thrilled to have kris' meal and not have to cook! perfect. the girls wanted the new hot chocolate i got from the radio station and requested it be served in the new mugs.

i then ran the girls a special bath. i found some soap roses in one of my drawers. unfortunately by the time i came back with the camera the roses were just blobs in the tub. oh well. the girls loved playing with them and they turned to bubbles.
and this photo pretty much sums up the day. fantastic and fun.
thanks so much for the gifts kris and jer! what a fun day!

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