Friday, March 4, 2011

flower lost her first tooth!!!

flower got to my office after school on march 3rd and her tooth was just sort of hanging. i'm impatient when it comes to things like that and would have already had it pulled out days before when i was her age. :) so, first i flicked it and then i yanked it. and she cried. but only for a second. :) lynnette couldn't believe i had done it but flower was excited once the initial shock wore off. besides, i had some fun things planned for her first lost tooth and i was excited!
here are the photos right after

that little bubble is gross.
then when we got home from work i took an official photo with the real camera. you can see her new tooth all ready behind the hole.
here's her tiny little tooth. she was so excited to receive $1 from the tooth fairy the next morning.
the next day, on the 4th, i took her out to lunch after school to celebrate this huge milestone. we went to oriental express and enjoyed green beans and tofu. kris met us there as well. flower could hardly wait to show off her gap to kris, chow and jimmy. i then presented her with a gift. i discovered my favorite artist had done a tooth picture a few months back and knew i had to get it just for this occasion. i then found the frame at michael's. i love that she's framed in 'pearly whites'. :) i wrote a special little message for flower on the back of the picture before i framed it in hopes that she cherishes it for years to come.
it hangs in her room with a picture by the same artist that i gave her when she came to our family. the girl looked like flower and flower is definitely a 'good egg'!
these milestones are my favorite part of parenting and i hope i make them fun for her so she will remember them!

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You are a wonderful mother! You inspire me! :)

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