Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hms pinafore

our friend patrick is a choir teacher at a junior high. he was doing a fund raising event and invited us to support him. it was march 9th and kg had the night off so we went. they were performing hms pinafore. it was a dinner theater setting. kris joined us as well and although the food was what you'd expect from a junior high event but we didn't leave hungry and we had a good time. the show was great and patrick obviously put a lot of work into the whole event. he would be such an amazing teacher. he's one of my favorite people. just a truly genuine, kind person. the girls enjoyed their time with kris and i'm glad we went!
kg had done river's hair in her first single bun and i was in love with it. i love the shape of her face and ears when her hair is up like this! it also showcases her neck which i've always loved!

the girls often go through kris' purse and play with her glasses and phone. she's nicer than me, i don't let them near either one of mine. :)
they also fight over her lap!

great job to patrick and his students!

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