Friday, March 4, 2011

meeting the twins

marco and stephanie had twin boys! they were in town so we went to the morley's on march 4th to meet them. the girls helped kg and i make some blankets. nothing fancy but i like that the girls can help and feel a part. the colorful polk-a-dot one is for the big sister tieran.
we chose two cars patterns for the boys. this is one of them.
this little girl stole my heart. she sat on my lap for a long time and kept giving me hugs. she is so sweet and adorable. it had been awhile since i'd seen her but she didn't care!
the other blanket is on the boys. i wish i had gotten better photos of the boys but i wasn't particularly 'on' with my camera that night with the anxiety and all. they are sure cute!
liam and brody.
love this photo! man that girl is adorable!
i didn't get a picture of steph either but she looks great! it was so good seeing them.

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