Saturday, March 12, 2011

2.5 hours of quiet bliss

on saturday the 12th i found myself at home alone for 2.5 hours before work. it was bliss. i enjoyed a bubble bath while listening to great music and reading.

i turned my ipod on shuffle and let it go. here's what played while i relaxed.
the pierces-sticks and stones
fleetwood mac-over my head
u2-mysterious ways
war-low rider
nick drake-free ride
fleetwood mac-dreams
dave matthews-crush
the lower lights-count your many blessings
mindy gledhill-circus girl
katy perry-california girls
blues traveler-but anyway
maroon 5-if i ain't got you
nick drake-know
maroon 5-just a feeling
owl city-hello seattle
one republic-secrets*this is my all time favorite song right now
maroon 5-last chance
cobra starship-good girls go bad
fleetwood mac-dreams
abba-dancing queen

that, along with the sunshine, set me up for a great day!

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