Thursday, March 31, 2011

dinner crepes. movie. ice cream.

march 31st was a really fun night. first i met sandee, kris and jerry at the creperie for dinner while kg took the girls to the park to drop them off with the goodsell's. none of us had eaten there before and i really liked it. definitely want to go back.
then kg met all of us for an excellent movie, the lincoln lawyer. really good show.
after that we were all in the mood for dessert so we went to sub zero. on the way there we decided to pick up the girls from goodsell's so they could have ice cream too. john and his house full of boys decided to join us.
the girls are always fascinated.
monkey had his four boys plus two nephews in tow.

we had a really nice evening, part without the girls and part with. perfect.

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