Thursday, May 10, 2012

first grade at the zoo

on may 10th i was a chaperon for flower's first grade zoo trip. river had been looking forward to going and then woke with a fever that morning. however, she was so sad at the thought of staying home. i borrowed a stroller and off we went. i got pretty lucky. i was supposed to have 5 kids in my group plus river. one didn't show up, one girl's mom showed up at the zoo so she went with her and so did her best friend so i ended up with just flower and the little boy she has a crush on, bristol. it was a really nice day.
river insisted on having her hood on. i think she had chills.

these three were wonderful to have!

at this point we had been at the zoo for about 20 minutes and river got in the stroller and didn't leave. for those that know her, that's a miracle! she is a wiggly one. she was pretty listless but still said she was happy to be there. sweet girl.

after the zoo we went across the way to the park and had our sack lunch. i put a few special things in her bag like my mom used to do on field trip days. but i ended up not being liked very well when i insisted she come home with me instead of riding the bus back to school and me having to go get her a couple hours later. river was getting worse and she just needed to get home and stay there. plus i needed to get to work. flower said i ruined her whole day. :) i'm pretty sure if i asked her now she wouldn't even remember that part. little drama queen.

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