Thursday, May 24, 2012

tennessee:: day 2-elvis

i really liked our hotel and some of the decor.
this interesting building was right outside our hotel. we went to find out what it was to discover it's an empty building.
this was our cool rental car. we enjoyed it.
this place was awesome for breakfast! charming and delicious.

river was having a time out on this bench in the laundry mat next door and just looked too cute. such a cool place!

can anybody guess, what is this next photo?
the view from our table.

then we were off to graceland! KG humored me. i know he wasn't as excited but i went when i was 8 with my family and really wanted to go back. i love touring old homes plus i like elvis' music. on a side note-when we went as a family when i was young it was our first time and only time until now for me. while we were there i realized that my mom was 35 when she took us. she adores elvis! i thought it kind of cool that i am 35 going through it now with my children. nice little unplanned coincidence. it made it interesting for me to think about my mom back then with my dad, both 35 like KG and i, and corralling 4 young children through that place!
Anyhow, we followed the gps and it took us here. um, pretty sure that's not it.

oops, let's try that again. yes, here we are.
i am telling you what, the memories flooded me. it looks just like i remembered! i love everything about this 70's house!
his parents bedroom.
his mom's house coats and handbags.
the dining room. i loved watching the girls with their headphones on listening to the tour. they actually listened the entire time and seemed interested! they never got annoyed.

this kitchen reminds me so much of my grandparent's cabin. love it.

the lounge/entertainment room
three televisions, as not to miss anything!

loved all those records lined up.
and this is my absolute favorite. i want a room like this. i love the fabric and pillows!

some very interesting furniture in this room. not my favorite.

it's such a modest home by today's standards.
his office in the garage.

they were genuinely intrigued.

the end of the house tour.
then we got to see all of his cars.

and the planes!

coolest plane seats ever!

gold sink.

we cooled off with some ice cream at the shake, split and dip!

the girls each picked this notebook and pen for their souvenir.
and then we wandered around memphis in the car for a bit while river slept.

we finally enjoyed a swim. that pool was freezing so we just watched the girls.

silly sisters carrying each other around in the pool.

i love her little feet. we went in search of dinner.
we had a groupon for a bbq place in memphis. it wasn't until we were looking at it that it was in memphis, arkansas, not tennessee. oops. but at least it was just over the bridge and a very pretty drive!

love this train on the bridge.
this place was a dive! the people were awesome though. three older african american folks with thick southern drawl. the man did the bbq and the two ladies made the fixin's and loads of cake and served us up. kg and the girls liked the food, i did not.

memphis skyline

then we went to a very popular snow shack. the line was forever long and slow!

we probably waited an hour.
their ice was so soft! however, we like judy's flavors better! it was really fun to just sit on the hillside and people watch. the line never slowed down and it was just a neat summer time evening.
when we got back to the hotel the girls drew and ate starbursts.
this trip made our point that river can get almost anything from total strangers with those eyes and that smile. everywhere we go she thinks people should have stickers or suckers waiting for her and if you have a purse, you must have gum in there. this is due to the fact that at the bank she gets suckers, at the doctor and grocery store she gets stickers, and her aunt sandee always has gum in her purse! as we were leaving the hotel to go to dinner, river asked the night lady at the desk if she had stickers or suckers. she regretfully said no and apologized. i told her not to be sorry and she shouldn't feel bad. river then batted her eyes and flashed that smile and the lady said, "i'll have something here for you when you get back from dinner!" i told the lady not to worry about it and figured she'd forget. sure enough as soon as we walk into the hotel this lady had two full size things of starbursts for the girls. she was sweet.
i only like the pink and yellow and always sandwich them together so river loves to make samiches out of hers. she got ambitious tonight.

she was so proud!
and only daddy's mouth to manage to take a bite.

this was such a fun day from start to finish and filled with fun.

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