Sunday, May 20, 2012

first sleepover and lily's house

on may 19th flower had her first ever sleepover with a friend.
we started out the evening with a shaved ice. flower wanted lily to meet judy.

then the girls went swimming. lily was pretty nervous at first eventually braved the big pool and had lots of fun.

then we went home and watched a movie until they fell asleep. river was enamored with lily!

the next morning we had chocolate chip pancakes and then the girls played dress-up until the afternoon. finally around 1:00 pm, after giving them all the same french braid hair do they requested, we took lily home. once there her mom paula invited us to stay so the girls could ride the horse and play while she and i got to know each other. it was a really lovely afternoon of chatting in rocking chairs on the porch and multiple popsicles.

if the next two photos are any indication of their day, it was awesome!

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