Friday, May 25, 2012

tennessee:day 3-memphis and nashville

we woke up and searched out breakfast. another good one although not my favorite. this one was more focused on their meats so kg and flower loved it! we always just get a plate or two of food at restaurants and share it. it ends up being perfect, especially at new restaurants.

we had other plans in memphis but decided to get on the road back to nashville instead so we could get their earlier. apparently she didn't get enough sleep the night before. :)
not the nicest hotel but our room was exactly what we needed. a queen bed plus a queen pull out from the sofa. we had a fridge for yogurt and such and it worked great.
we got good use out of the pool for sure!

this one makes me smile.

and this one makes me smile.

kg showing the girls the art of the cannon ball.

this quickly became a favorite restaurant. we broke our rule of not repeating restaurants on trips in order to try as many new places as possible, but we loved this place and ate their three times. this time was for dinner.

another example of river sweet talking her way into something. she loves bananas and has eaten several a day since she could start asking for them around 14 months. we knew she was awake in the mornings when we'd hear her chant "ba-na-na, ba-na-na" until we came to get her out of bed. anyway, she asked our waitress for a banana, which weren't on the menu. She told river they only have them for the pies.
river gave her the famous smile and that lady came back with a free banana. river wanted to take her photo. :)
i wanted to take river's photo with her banana but she looked away and would only let me get the banana.

river chose gummi eggs as her souvenir from the market. on our way back to the hotel i looked back and saw that she had set one on the window sill hoping it would cook. so funny. note the writing on the door below the egg. river demolishes something everywhere we go! that girls is a tornado. we could not get it off before we returned the car.
flower chose a whoopy cushion. they had never seen one before an had a really fun time with it. that is until river popped it! another casualty of river. ;)

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