Saturday, May 26, 2012

tennessee::day 4-starfish reunion, day 1

that morning we ate the fairly weak continental breakfast at the hotel. but it tided us over for lunch which is all we needed.
finally the reason we went to tennessee. may 26th was the starfish reunion. we were so excited to see amanda. we were also looking forward to meeting all the other little starfish and their families. since flower was the oldest, we haven't met any of the others and have felt out of the loop. things have changed a lot since we went!

siblings to starfish

finally amanda arrived! the kids went running!

i love the way she held flower's face.
these cute girls are two of the original 6.

we gave amanda the shirt that flower drew. amanda loved it!
this guy was a baby when we went and got flower. he loved kg.

she cried when she saw the girls, and again when she turned around and saw me, and then again when she hugged kg. i think she forgot that we told her we were coming because she said in my ear that she was so glad we were able to make it and seemed surprised to see us.

the two river's
flower made fast friends with this gal. she was a starfish sibling. flower clung to kg until she trusted she'd have a friend by her side and then they were inseparable.

all of the starfish hand prints that were in attendance.

***the shots between the astrix were taken by various cameras. i can't remember which ones were taken from where so i hope the owners don't mind me posting them.

i loved how happy she was to see me and we both just hugged and cried.

that night everyone went out to eat together.

then everyone hit the pool!

very fun first day!

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