Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 Campbell Reunion

I really look forward to this reunion. I love my moms family. It's low drama and they are all very excepting! We all just really get along well. Plus they are all so dang talented!
The reunion officially started at 6:00 pm on Friday, August 7th. Everyone arrived into town and met at the clubhouse. We ate Quizno's sandwiches and enjoyed an evening of talking and music.
River and cousin Rena.
Amanda, Lorelai, Ryan.
River and cousin Cheryl.
Cousins Keisha and Robbie, Victoria, Lauren and Roger.
Spencer, Royal and Zach.
Dad, cousins Ashley, Cynthia, Jon and Sean.
Cousin Cynthia.
Cousin Jarom.
Ivy and Mom.
Cousin Katie, Aunt Rochelle and cousin Rena.
River, Kas, cousin Marcy, Flower, Gregg and Sandee.


Cousin Jon.
Cousin Josh.

Cousins Tanya, Keisha and Robbie.

Uncle Richard.
Little Miss Marcy's about the cutest thing you've ever seen. Her voice and everything about her us just sweet.
We had two different jars of which to guess the number of their contents. One had Starbursts, the other Life Savers. Victoria and I had very similar strategies and spent time discussing them. She took more time initiating hers because my ADD mind got board! It paid off for her! She guessed exactly right on the Starbursts at 200 while I got second place of with a guess of 213. She also only one off from the Lifesavers, 235. Awesome!

Cousin Tanya and River.
River was passed around and played hard plus it was past her bedtime. Poor thing.
Roger and Zach.
Cousin Melvin and Flower.
Cousin Keisha and River.
Amanda and Ryan.

Uncle Bob. I love this man. My grandpa died when I was 12 so he's always kind of fit the bill for me. He is such a mellow, loving guy and very talented in his work shop. We have always been close to their family. My Aunt Peggy is my mom's sister so obviously they are close and she is the amazing quilter. We spent lots of time at their house in the summer. The three of their kids that we've been the closest to are Bobette, Cheryl and Melvin. They are all just awesome people and so kind. Bobette and her husband make the best homemade fries you'll ever eat. She is also and amazing seamstress and makes beautiful wedding dresses. Melvin is awesome with the kids and got his dad's mad workshop skillz.. And Cheryl is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet as well as crafty! All are always willing to offer a place to stay when we go visit. They are all some fo the oldest cousins and I am one of the younsters so they took care of us as well. :) I just really love them.
My mom's family is very musical. We brought our piano over for Aunt Peggy to play. Uncle Newell had his guitar. We all stood around them and sang.
Uncle Dirk from Colorado couldn't make it so we Skyped with him on the computer. He played his guitar and piano right along with us. It was pretty cool. We missed having him there.

Some of the men and one boy went golfing bright and early at Foxtail Golf course. The rest of us met at the clubhouse at 10:00 am. Uncle Bob, Kevin, KG, Melvin, Uncle Garth, Mike and Nat went to the Main Street Auction. Aunt Peggy and Aunt Rochelle went to Quilting shops. My mom stayed to rest and nurse a headache. The rest of us ladies(and Joey) took the children to the zoo! We had such a great time. The photos are self explanatory. :)

Cousins Kaite, Keisha, Marcy, Kas, Jenna, Riley, Flower and Cynthia.
Cousins Joey, Robbie and Cameron with Spencer.
Lomad, Torta and Zach.
Alyse, Sandee and River.
Ah...I love Cheryl!

The lions gave us an awesome show!

We have our awesome double jogger stroller and Flower sees this one and wants to know why we don't have this kind because it's cool. Little snot. We always want what we don't have, no?

Miss Jenna cracks me up!
This is how River spent most of her time at the zoo.
This girlie LOVES puddles. She jumped in every puddle she saw. And the cool thing about her...she doesn't whine and complain about being wet afterward! She would simply stop and dump the water out of her shoes and then head to the next puddle. She was so fun to watch.
The whole gaggle of children.

It was nice of Ryan to take a break from golfing to entertain us in his cage for a bit. :)
She was happy when she was awake!
mmmm, the cat eating it's lunch. Appears to be something with feathers.
On that note we waved good-bye to the zoo.
Half the crew went to DK doughnuts while the other half headed back.
Everyone from all the different activities returned to the clubhouse around 2 in the afternoon.
We ate lunch, went swimming, talked and so forth.
We hired my friend Amanda to come do face or body painting for us. She is so talented! She also made us two pinatas which you'll see later.

Something like this is going to be my next tattoo. I told Amanda my idea of the girls names and showed her a picture I had someone draw and this is what she came up with in paint. I love it.
'River Dawn and Flower Opal'(opal gem in the middle of the flower)
Each reunion we do an auction to help pay for the costs of the next reunion. Everyone brings items to donate.
I really really really wanted these family blocks that Cheryl made. They had photos from long time past reunions with my grandparents, their wedding photo, family pictures with my mom as a child and so on. So neat. Unfortunately my allotment was spent with the quilt. :(Roger and Melvin were the auctioneers and it was actually quite hilarious! They were very entertaining. I won one of the two items I had my eye on, the most expensive in the bunch, my aunt Peggy's quilt! I love her work. When you get up close there is so much detail! We also walked away with some of Amanda's baby bracelets, two t-shirts for the girls painted by Ashley's boyfriend, and a miniature outhouse that my uncle Newell made. It was great fun. Plus we raised over a thousand dollars! Excellent!
River slept, her cute little hands crossed, through the whole show!
The sun caught Torta's hair just right creating a weird glare but otherwise I thought this photo was too cute not to use! :) I love the way Riv is holding Tort around the neck.
Along with the face painting, Amanda also made two 'C for Campbell'- pinatas. The first one was for the kids.
Spencer(I took this picture from Amanda's blog. I love the shadow of Spencer and the 'C' on the ground :) Very cool.)
The next one was for the adults. We had planned to use a blind fold but ran out of time. It was still fun.
Aunt Peggy.
Uncle Richard.
Uncle Bob.
Uncle Newell
After the pinatas we went in for desserts. We did not leave enough time for this! ;)
Twenty six of us headed to the Meridian Speedway Races. That included, my little family minus River, Sandee's family, Roger's family, Melvin's family, Mike's family, my Dad and Cheryl's three kids. We all had a great time! A few returned to their hotel and some stayed at the clubhouse and played Bingo and watched River. :)
That was pretty much the end of the reunion and we had such a wonderful time! Thank you so much to all those that were able to come. We missed all of you that weren't able to make it. We hope all is well with your families. Special thanks to my mom for putting it together this year. Can hardly wait for 2011.


Kristen said...

Man, seeing all these pictures really makes me jealous. I wish I had been there. Next time!!! I'm glad everyone had so much fun. You got some awesome pictures of Jenna and Rylee. I'll have to save them onto my computer.

Kaylynn said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Those were hard years for me wishing that I could be the one sitting with her all those times. I'll always be grateful for the service given to her. Thank you. I'm glad you told me.

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