Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KG's birthday!

Holy smokes! It's already the second week of August and I've not written since July. Welcome to August I guess.
We had a great time celebrating KG's birthday. When I asked him what he wanted he replied that he'd like a night alone(that being the clean version). So I surprised KG with 24 hours of fun. The only thing he knew was where we were going to dinner. I decided to be brave and leave River for the first time. We took the girls to my brother's at 5:00 pm. We then had dinner at Famous Dave's. KG's cousin's wife Amber was our waitress so the service was excellent and the food was pretty darn good. After that we went to a movie...one I wished we hadn't. We don't typically watch R rated and I'm wishing we hadn't made that exception. It was funny but I don't think I've heard the f-word so much in my life! After the movie we drove across the street and checked into the Oxford Suites. (I forgot to take a picture so this is a photo of our key:))
They were very nice inside and the beds were very comfy. We enjoyed the nice big tub! In the morning we woke at 7:30 to go enjoy one of the best free breakfasts we've had at a hotel. Then we crawled back in bed and slept till 11:00. That felt so good!
Here we are on his birthday!
We checked out by noon and then went to DQ for a free birthday blizzard before going to Wahooz. We played two games of mini-golf, both of which KG won.

However, I spanked him at the go-carts! I love speed!
I was the only one to pass three different drivers and was on my way to passing the forth but he, being about 11, gave me a good run for my money and we kept slamming each since it was the last lap. We were laughing so hard!
We played 20 tokens of games inside which earned us enough tickets to get Flower a treat of a bunch of tootsie rolls, a dumb dumb and a pop-it toy. Finally we went to lunch at Souper Salad, where KG became jealous of a carrot! Oh yes, I just went there. :)
We stopped to get gas, redbox movies and picked up the girls. River was so excited to see us she practically jumped out of Victoria's arms. She kept alternating between laying her head on my shoulder sighing and beating my arm with her hand and squealing. It was very cute! Flower on the other hand ran out the back door as soon as she us. Later I asked her if she missed us. She said no. I told her I missed her and she replied, "I know but I still didn't miss you". Nice. At least she had fun! I loved having this date with KG. It felt great to feel childess again and flirt and play and cuddle and have fun together.
On our way home we made a stop at Target so Flower and I could go in and get him a few gifts. She kept trying to buy him princess dresses, barbie castles and princess games! We finally agreed on a game they'd both enjoy playing together and I let her pick out candy for each of them as well as the card which was dora the explorer stating the excitement of turning 4! :)
When we got home we chilled for the rest of the night. He opened her gift which was Sequence for kids, a Kit Kat(for her) and peanut M&M's for him.
A bit later we put a candle in a piece of my lemon cake and sang happy birthday.

Then he opened River's gift, a pull-up bar.
We ordered dinner to be delivered from Romio's which was delicious! After that he opened my gift, a Bocce Ball set.
After putting the girls to bed we watched Fast and Furious, when we received a surprise gift at our door(for both of us since mine is a mere three days later) from Shannon and family.
So generous! Extra sharp Tillamook cheese, candy corns, bottle caps, two games, mad libs, and a gift certificate to Delsa's! Thanks guys.
Then we called it a night.
I'd say he's pretty spoiled and he deserves every bit of it. He's the best guy for me and the best dad to our girls! We are so very lucky to have him!

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