Friday, August 14, 2009

My Birthday!

It actually started the day before when KG hooked me up with a massage! Thanks babe.

I had a really great day. We started off my actual birthday bright and early by going to breakfast at the Chef's Hut.

I then dropped KG and Flower off at Karate. River and I went and wandered through Target until Pearl Vision opened. I needed new glasses. I've had mine for two years and they always bothered my ears. But now I needed a new prescription so it gave me a good excuse to replace the frames. I set aside 7 pair and planned to come back later with KG and Flower since we all had eye exams.

I then picked up KG and Flower and we headed home for some rest. I showered and got ready for the day, just in time to meet Kris for lunch. Because of later plans in the area with KG and the girls, they dropped me off and went to the park to play. We went to La Vie En Rose in the Idanha. Lunch was delicious and I even got my favorite dessert for free. Unfortunately KG came back a bit early because Flower had an accident so we were cut short but I really enjoyed the time to chat. She also gave me the best present. It was very thoughtful and prefect for me!
Check out these turquoise kitchen tools! I dream of having the turquoise kitchen aid to replace my white one as well as a turquoise toaster I've seen. It will have to wait till we are back in a house(and have money just to replace perfectly good appliance based on color :)). But these beauties will tide me over till then. :)
She also got me a very pretty set of towels which I'm already using today. :) Love it all. Thank you Kris. I love you like a sister. You mean the world to me.
After that we went to See Jane Run. I am in dire need of new tennis shoes. I've had mine for 3 or 4 years. I bought a new pair last year and hated them. I just couldn't find the right pair. I heard this store will watch you walk, have you get on the treadmill and decide what your feet need. They were so great to work with and every pair she suggested were comfortable, making the decision tough. I walked out with the perfect pair, and they are pretty too. :) I also got a sports bra but I'm sure you don't want to see that. ;)
After that went to get a shaved ice. :) Then home for naps.

At 4:30 we went back to Pearl Vision.
These are my current glasses, but in black.
I definitely had my two favorite out of the earlier chosen 7. I tried them all on for KG and Flower.

They also just happened to narrow it down to my two favorites which are these two.
After going back and forth and asking the store employees, it was unanimous that the second pair was the winner. These are slightly different than what I'll be getting but I couldn't find the exact glasses online. Mine are completely white on the inside. I've never had more of the square edge before because they are usually too narrow for my face but both of these worked and I'm excited for the change. I will get them on Saturday. Our exams went well and Flower was so cute and funny. The doc was cracking up her entire appointment and he was impressed with her language skills. Big surprise.
Her and KG's eyes are great and no need for glasses.

After discussing what we wanted to do for the rest of the night we agreed just staying in sounded nice. We stopped by Bangkok Thai and picked up two orders of Pad Thai and Fresh Rolls to be eaten later.

On our way home Lynnette stopped us outside the office and gave me a birthday gift. She handed me the bag and I LOVED it! As she said, 'It's so Angee!" :) What I wasn't expecting was another gift inside the bag.
It's a gift certificate for a spa.
I get to go four separate times for four separate treatments! I couldn't believe it! I'm very excited and it feels really nice to be appreciated.
It was really nice to relax for the rest of the night. We ate our dinner and watched Coraline, which I loved but it scared Flower.

It was a prefect day. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday love. I appreciate the cards from grandparents, facebook messages, texts and phone call from Buffalo Dad. ;)
Thanks for the massage, shoes and glasses KG, Flower, and River. You are so good to me. I feel so loved.

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