Friday, August 21, 2009

My new glasses

I love them. I liked them in the store and when I first got them. But then that night I wasn't sure...I felt like they looked nerdy which wasn't the look I was going for. :) I went back and forth. But then seeing this photo, I LOVE them. I love this photo. After we did River's photo shoot I turned the camera on myself attempting to get a self portrait, which is so hard with my heavy camera which is totally awkward when it's backward and it's really hard to push the button as you're trying to balance it, all in one hand. Plus when you're that close to your face sometimes it won't focus and you really have no idea if you're even going to make it into the shot. Whew. I think you get idea. So after one shot I gave up and was going to have KG take it later. Then I saw it on my computer screen and loved it. No photo shop, no editing other than taking it to black and white. The aperture was set at 1.8, therefore it really focused on my left eye and glasses, making them really stand out and kind of softened the rest. I love the way it captured my lips and wow, that's my mom's nose which I love. I'm really glad I can see a photo of myself and like it and think I look pretty. Thankfully I've always been that way. It makes me sad that people pick themselves apart. Of course I don't feel that way every time I look in the mirror. We all have our days but that's why I love having photos of myself that I like. That I can look at be reminded that I liked myself that day and will probably like myself the next and not bash myself. And damn I'm glad I still don't need to wear make-up. Or maybe I should but I doubt I ever will. I happen to think the natural on almost everyone I know is prettier than make-up. I like to take in the beauty of people, not make-up.
So, what is it you like about yourself?



Love this post! I always say that I am sad that my most redeeming feature (the natural color of my hair) is copied by millions of women in the salon. On a better note, it has saved me lots of money over the years.

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A-me said...

It's a stunning photo of you Ang, truly beautiful.

What do I like about myself? Hmmm.. I like my head :) everything about it.. my eyes, lips, nose, cheek bones, jaw line, my hair, ears... love that my daughter has the exact same indent on her left ear as my left ear. Yup, everything about my head.

ang :o) said...

Krista I never thought about that before! You do have beautiful hair and color. Well I won't ever steal your color!

A-me I agree you have a beautiful head! I too love my ears which peope think is weird. Ha.

Michelle Colt said...

I love your glasses too!! They look super good on you!

Jana said...

LOVE the glasses. And I think you're beautiful inside and out!! Hugs.

NT Weekes Family said...

Ang. You've always been pretty with your natural looks. :o) I couldn't imagine you with like actually make-up (Halloween doesn't count) I LoVe the glasses. I need to go get my eyes checked after the bby's born... I know I need some kind of glasses... reading & driving... HoPe I Look as HOT as you do in yours!!!

I like my looks. (minus the occasional acne) even my broken nose! (not many people know it's broken!) hee hee

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