Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Elder's Quorum Campout

Last Friday evening, the 14th, we went to the cabin for a camping trip with the Elder's Quorum of our church. We had a great time and were so happy with those that were able to make it.
We all met at Albertson's on Federal Way at 6:00 pm and were quickly on the road. I think we arrived about 7:30 pm. I don't pay much attention to time once we arrive. That's the beauty of camping.
We got a fire going right away and chilled by the fire for the night.
River loves shoulder rides.

River's first 'flight through the air' at the cabin. Seems to be a tradition. It's hard to tell because she's a streak through the smoke. :)

River was testing out wearing shoes for the first time. I prefer bare baby feet. But we knew she'd need them to protect her feet. And guess what size these are...5. They are the shoes Flower wore at 2 1/2. They aren't that much too big for River. Crazy.
Flower roasting one of lots and lots of marshmallows. She likes to roast them till they burn, toss them aside and start over with a new one.
Miles.(Flower's boyfriend)
Jake and Tara jammin.
River and cousin Glen. (KG's dad, brother Justin + his son Adam + two friends, and his cousin's husband Glen + his son Trout joined us to cook us breakfast Saturday morning! We were very very happy and appreciative!)
Cody had fun using Ken's huge stick to stoke the fire. He he...that's sounds dirty.
Flower + Miles sittin' in a tree.....
We were grateful for the fire as we did not anticipate just how cold it would be that night.
Saturday morning a yummy breakfast casserole was kindly made for us.
Love converse.
Kenya, Laura and Avery.
We forgot her bouncer...big mistake. We were happy that we remembered the pac 'n play. It came in handy for nap time.

Mary Catherine and Patrick.
Miles had a couple of stints on the time out stump. The kids actually did really well though.
Tara, Phil, Jake and Becca took off shortly after breakfast so they didn't make it into the group photo. Brent and his parents + niece and nephew left shortly after the photo.
The rest of us went to the creek to play.

Throwing and skipping rocks is a mandatory past time.

Kenya braved the deeper water and slippery rocks to walk to the other side.

KG threw the biggest rock of all.
This kid was a pro at skipping rocks!
Avery braved the mountain.
A view from the top.

It's hard to see but they are sitting pretty high and below them at the bottom of the hill are 4 empty soda cans. They were playing bowling with rocks. Pretty clever. It was fun to watch.
Flower finally decided to brave the cold water and join Alana.

Then I was surprised she decided to walk to the other side!
I was so proud.

She fell coming back but didn't even cry!
Glen caught a salmon from Grimes Creek. Beautiful coloring.
Open wide.

Alana is so good with kids. River loved her and she easily fell asleep on her.
I think we may have a new babysitter on our hands. :)
We were all packed up and on the road by 2:30 I think. We kept with our normal tradition of going to Idaho City on our way home and stopping for burgers and shakes at Donna's. It was so fun being there with new people! We had so much fun. Not so fun was the experience after we got in the bus. I took River out of her car seat to change her diaper before we got on the road. I laid her on the floor of the bus only to discover she had leaked out a bit, leaving skids on my pants and then I put my arm in some left on the car seat. That's when I asked KG to vacate the front seat and come help me. He took her pants off and then her shirt only to discover it clear up her back. When he lifted her up, there was a huge pile on the carpet. Keep in mind her diaper was still on. That's how much leaked out. He held her up while I wiped her down and Mary Catherine held a bag open to put on the yuck in. Then I scrubbed her car seat straps while he scrubbed the carpet. It was fabulous. Gotta love babies.
Thanks so much to everyone who planned and executed the campout and those that came up just to cook yummy food for us! :)

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