Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August has gotten away from me

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
This month has escaped me. Actually so has July a bit. Let's start there and then move right into August shall we?
Here are some of the events we've enjoyed as they occurred.
...I went to lunch with Brenda, Kris and the girls. I love our visiting teaching lunches at Casa Mexico.
...Not an occurrence but worth noting, we found this rad hornet/bee/wasp nest(not sure which one). The thing is huge and just keeps getting bigger and bigger. So cool.
We also have this one. Anyone know the difference? Bueller? Bueller?
...I went to see the Proposal one afternoon with Raeann, Amanda and Kris. Raeann, Amanda and I then went to Proto's Pizza. Yum!
...I had an endoscopy. I've had various issues such as complete lack of energy, severe joint pain, irritable, not absorbing vitamin's and minerals, inability to keep my thyroid level. The list goes on. It's been quite the quest to figure out. This test was to see if I had Celiac. Kris was kind enough to take me and bring me home so KG could stay with the girls. Unfortunately, the test came back negative. I was just really hoping for some answers. Back to the drawing board.
...We had a big BBQ at Sturg's house. Lots of people from the ward were invited. We had a good turn out and I really enjoyed myself.
...I started a new work schedule. It's been interesting and required us to completely change our lives. Previously KG went to bed as soon as he came home and then woke at 3 when I went to work. Now I'm working a split shift. Now when he gets home he stays up with the girls till I get home at noon. I then take the girls to work with me from 4-6 and he usually wakes up around 7 pm. He also had to change their karate from Monday and Wednesday evenings, to Tuesday and thursday mornings since he now sleeps later and is up in the mornings. Whew. Lots of change but so far so good.
...The girls and I had dinner at Sandee's house. I caught this photo of River cuddling(not normal for her) with Spencer. He sure loves her and is great with her!
...Kris and I went to see The Ugly Truth. Super funny but a little over the top!
...We went to a Boise Burn game with my parents. Fun game but they lost.
...I went to lunch with Joanna and Kris to 36th Street Bistro. I loved it! It was so nice to chat and here more about Joanna's life and where she hopes to be headed.
...Sandee and I went to see My Sister's Keeper. I liked the book much better and the book made me cry more than the movie.
...Marco came to town and brought with him a dresser we purchased from Ikea. River didn't have one and we're tired of sharing our closet with her, especially since she now shares a room with Flower. So now they share a closet as well.
Flower got the new one:
River will use the old one which used to be KG's. It's seen better days. I've wanted to paint it. Anyone want to help? Bueller? Bueller?
...We went to a Boise Hawk's game with my parents. Fun time but they lost.

I love my little family. :) KG's and my name were announced over the loud speaker for our birthdays too. I was surprised. It's kind of funny because we gave my dad these tickets for his birthday in February and then he used them to take us out for our birthdays! :)
...KG has had the last 12 days off. He goes back to work tonight. I'm really sad. It's been wonderful. I had last week off, so 5 of those days, with him. We have taken the week of our birthdays off since we met. It's one of my favorite weeks of the year. We did so many fun things together including relaxing and doing nothing! Loved it. Every minute.
...Went to Kris' house and had her teach me how to read a sewing pattern. It's about dang time I know how and she taught me in a way that everything made sense and I never once felt stupid. That is rare which is why I hate being taught stuff by people and end up figuring it out on my own or just don't do it. I love that it makes sense now.
...Went to dinner at my parents. Mom made her yummy Swiss Steak. It's one of my favorites by her and for some reason KG had never partaken. Now he has and he loves it! After dinner the rest of my family as well as KG's parents game for dessert to celebrate our birthdays.
...At 1:30 am Sunday night/Monday morning I met two of my previous camp girls, Tracy and Chelsea, at Chelsea's house.
I had them at camp for three years at ages 13, 14, and 15. They are now 18 and leaving for college! I'm so proud of both of them. I gave each of them a dry erase/magnet board with a little message that I wrote in the corner and a notebook in which I wrote a personal message on the first page. They loved them. They are amazing girls. I haven't been out till 4:30 am in a LONG time and it was so fun and so worth it!
...Went to dinner with our student ward dinner group at our normal spot, Pier 49 Pizza. It was good to see Alan and Lindy.
...After pizza we went to Wahooz. After riding the go-carts for KG's birthday we knew Flower would love it! First she road with me.

We hauled booty! We passed 4 cars. it would have been more but after passing the second car he was bitter and rammed the side of us and sent us into a spin. It was hilarious.
Then she road with KG. They also passed four. She laughed and squealed the entire time! So much fun.

River was there too, just chillin'.
...Yesterday afternoon, between work shifts, I went to see The Time Traveller's Wife with Kris. It was good but not my favorite. Kind of slow. I think the book would have confused me.
...Last night we went to Red Robin for a free birthday burger. Then to Baskin Robbins for free birthday ice cream.
...Tonight we went to Tucano's for free birthday dinner.
Well...I think that about covers it. Thanks for playing along.

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The second picture is a paper wasps nest and as you can see it has eggs in it and it's made of wood. I had a lot of probs with them this year.

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