Monday, January 25, 2010

14 months and 3 year anniversary.

since we were celebrating flower's 3rd gotcha day and river is now 14 months old, i wanted to get some photos of the girls. we had a good time wondering around and i pretty much just let them play as i snapped away.

i love that these hands are holding a world. flower is showing with her fingers that she's been in our world for 3 years! she left her world, everything she had known, to join us. it's hard to comprehend.
she loves vw bugs and we pass this one on the way to church every sunday. we have watched it become less and less of what it once was.
she is such a poser. yes, she put herself this way. i'm more for the natural shot so she cracks me up!

they seriously chase each other all day long so i was delighted to get it on camera this way. they both have so much joy in their faces.

i love my girls.


La belle mère said...

BEAUTIFUL photography, as always. You rock. :)

LAURA said...

I love your girls too. As I love you and your husband! It will be cool for you to take Flower's picture under the tree picture each year to see how she grows, unless they repaint the mural.

lane family said...

You should take that bug home and make a bed out of it for flower's room! How cute would that be?! Okay- I'll stop commenting on every post now.

lane family said...

OH!!! and you could use the trunk for a toy box! K i'm really done now.

ang :o) said...

Don't stop commeting Meghan, I love it! And that is an awesome idea for the bug! So fun.

ang :o) said...

Thanks Lisa.

That's a great idea for the tree mural Laura. We love you too!

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