Sunday, January 24, 2010

dove chocolate

i have been craving dove chocolate big time lately. it just dawned on me as i was writing the post about flower that, precisely three years ago at this time, that's all i could eat. you see, we were in china getting flower(which i wrote the post prior) and i was really sick. i tried eating several different kinds of food but nothing was hitting the 'comfort' level that i needed. even the candy bars didn't taste the same. it said snickers on the wrapper, but they were not the same. then i bought a dove bar. it tasted the same and it worked! it was heaven! i needed the comfort that can only come from chocolate or something familiar in such a strange new place. i was sick plus had all these emotions can come along with being in an unfamiliar place and being handed a child to love. i had at least one everyday for 3 weeks. now, whenever i eat dove chocolate i think of china. i haven't eaten one in probably a year. and it was probably last year at this time and i dind't even realize it. so i find it very interesting that i'd start craving them now. the mind works in mysterious way.

unfortunately this is not the only candy that i have an 'attachment' too. there are too many to list but it has long been known that i have a slight addiction/love affair with candy. almost every kind. and each evoke some kind of very strong memory for me. some memories are good, some are bad. you name a candy, i can name a memory. i even have a method in which i eat each different kind. and yes, i've even sought counseling for this. it didn't help. i just love it too much. ahhh, candy. ;)

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A-me said...

ohhhh I do understand your love affair with candy.....

one more thing to chalk up to the list of ways Ang and Aimee are alike!

Let's kick it.

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