Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 days off.

now that kg works 4 ten hour shifts, it means he has three days off. they are usually in a row and it seems about once a month he gets thursday, friday, saturday for one week and then sunday, monday, tuesday for the next week giving him six days off in a row. i love this! this is the last night of just such a run.
here are some of the things we've enjoyed together:
...thursday afternoon i picked up my niece and nephew from school so they could come babysit for us. kg and i went to our ward temple night. it was very enjoyable. i was also delighted to be able to help a cute little elderly gal, marlow. when we arrived she was sitting outside on a bench unable to find her recommend. i helped her inside and got her hooked up with the temple prez and then stayed with her throughout. i enjoyed it. i also saw charlotte howard who really meant a lot to me through some tough times in high school. it was so good to see her and be able to tell her just how much she meant to me! kg's grandpa also ended up helping in our session. i just love seeing him there. it was a great experience.
upon leaving the temple we needed gas. as we were filling up our tank i looked over to the intersection to see a girl trying to push her car. i sent kg running. he pushed her car into the same parking lot we were in.
it's hard to tell but that's him pushing the red car.
she didn't have any money so we filled up her car. it felt nice to help.
....friday afternoon i went to get a massage. i haven't had one in over a year and it was so needed. my boss gave me a gift card for my birthday and i saved it for just the right time. it was heaven.
after that i picked up the fam and we went to teppanyaki for dinner. the girls always have fun there and we all love the food.
when we got home kg and flower watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs in the living room(i had already seen it with her) and i finally got to watch julie and julia. i really loved it! now i want her cookbook!
finally when kg came to bed we watched the mentalist. we just started watching it this season and love it so we rented the first season from blockbuster so we could start from the beginning. over the span of his 6 days off we watched the first 5 episodes. now we have to wait for the next dvd. we fell asleep that night by 10:30! unheardof for us. :)
...saturday morning flower woke us up at 5:30 am because she had to go potty. we sent her back to bed but because of how early we went to bed the night before we were actually wide awake. that gave us the chance to watch criminal minds. this is another show we started this season and love. another network has started playing the first season so we have the tivo recording it. we watched probably ten episodes over the last 6 days. :) we are two episodes from being done with first season. i'm hoping this same network now plays season two. i just love the cast. they have such great chemistry.
at 8:30 am i took a bath in which i finished my christmas book. i soaked for an hour. my soar muscles needed it!
once the girls were awake we cleaned the whole house. we all chipped in. we've been doing the deep cleaning every other saturday and it's been working well. everyone helps and it gets done quickly.
kg and flower went to arby's to get us lunch while river and i showered. all that cleaning made me smelly! ;)
after that we piled in the car and went to the hospital to visit pa sturgill. he had bypass surgery. :( he looked good but it's hard to see people in that state.
finally we got jumba juice and then took the girls bowling to celebrate flower's gotcha day!
...sunday i spent the entire day in bed. i think i got out three times. i never got dressed and enjoyed every minute of the laziness. river fell asleep right before church so kg and flower went to church without us.
...monday after we picked flower up from school we went downtown to take some photos of the girls. then we went to lunch at buffalo wild wings. it didn't knock my socks off but it was good!
...tuesday(today) river and i went on a date grocery shopping. tonight kg and flower went on a date to see old dogs at the dollar theater. two weeks ago i took her to see cloudy with a chance of meetballs and then we went for frozen yogurt. it's cheaper on tuesdays so any tuesday kg has off we are going to rotate and take her on a date. it's fun.
more dating for everyone is something i want to do this year. (one on one dates with flower as well as date each other) so far we've each had one date with flower and we've had one together so we are doing good! :)
now i'm just waiting for kg to join me so we can watch another episode of criminal minds, leaving just the season finale for season one.
i love it when kg has this many days off in a row. i love spending time with him. i love always having him here. it's nice. i just love being with him.
i'm trying to really enjoy this week because next week everything changes and i'm not looking forward to it. :( actually i'm stressing about it and don't know how it's going to work. other than make me crazy. i'm feeling a bit isolated these days. there's a lot i'm keeping in, some exciting some not, but just don't feel like i can talk about any of it.
i hope you're all doing well out there in blog land!

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