Saturday, January 16, 2010

cookies, naps, chilli's, games.... doesn't get much better than that!
saturday we all slept in till 9:00. KG had cleaned the house while i was at work on friday which meant we could be lazy on saturday! he made us yummy cheese eggs and bagels and we lounged around. i got some alone time to catch up on criminal minds(i fell asleep while kg and i were watching the night before).
then i gathered the girls and we put our aprons on to make cookies. they were yummy!
we also played a couple of rounds of kids sequence with flower. then we put the girls down for naps and hopped in bed ourselves to watch another episode of criminal minds. we just got into this show last season and love it. another network is rerunning the first season. we are loving it! it's nice to fill in some gaps. i also ended up taking a nap.
that night we met kristen at chilli's to celebrate her birthday!

after dinner we went to dustin and jenn's to play games. sandee, gregg and then kids were there as well. we had a good time.
everytime i turned around dustin and river were sharing these cute little moments.
he shook his head at her and she kept copying him.

they were trying to get the dog to allow river to sit on him but he wanted nothing to do with it!

it was the best kind of saturday and i'm grateful for it.


sara :) said...

Awww, an airdale! Besides schnauzers, airdales are the best.

Looks like you guys had a great day! :)

Shannon Lytle said...

I really like your hair that length. It suits you well.
And there's nothing cuter than kids in aprons. Have you ever tried an apron on without anything underneath? No? Me neither... ;)

Let's kick it.

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