Sunday, January 3, 2010

we played games all night long!

there's no better way to start the new year than with our annual over night game night. we were lucky enough to have kg's mom stay at our place overnight with the girls. she also took them to her house all day the next so we could sleep and according to flower, they had lots of fun. thanks mom!
it started at 5:00 at the clubhouse. we had 23 people show up throughout the night and 13 stay the entire night and go to breakfast(those names are starred).
paul + julie
rhonda + eric
patrick + mary catherine
we played lots of games, laughed a lot and had tons of fun!
i gave kg a game called 'what's yours like?' for christmas and it's been a big hit.

we also played 'fred' which i also gave kg and was super excited to play. here is john wearing kg's clothes. as part of the game, they had to switch clothing. during the game i had to snort a line of salt and a line of pepper. good times.

at 6:00 am we went to the chef's hut for breakfast.
by 7:00, i was more than ready to go home and go to bed! we were the first to leave the restaurant. it was so cold and icy outside. i slipped and fell straight back, getting whiplash and slamming my head on the pavement. i cried. my camera went flying. i was so afraid i broke it. i was more worried about that than myself. i lied there for a bit unable to move and finally got up. the next day when i woke up i was so nauseous and had a terrible headache. after a call to the doctor he said i had a mild concussion. i felt like crap for two days and then slowly started feeling better. i talked with the doc each day and didn't drive for a week but i'm now on the mend. i was thankful that the camera worked fine, just some body damage. crappy way to end such a good time but what are ya gonna do? thanks everyone for coming and contributing to our fun night!


A-me said...

looks like some seriously good times!

Becky Marks said...

It WAS fun! I only wish I didn't feel so lousy and could've stayed longer! Thanks so much for inviting me!

Shannon said...

I love how my mouth is full in both the pictures I'm in, and how my head is cropped out of a third pic. Why do I get the sinking feeling that was done on purpose? ;)
Anyway,that was such a fun time! I'm so glad you guys invited us. The hours seemed to go by too quickly for me. I wanted to keep playing some more... =D

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