Thursday, November 4, 2010


matty. i love this kid. and i would probably do anything for him, including take last minute photos of him in fair weather. :) but now he goes by matt. and i can't believe he's 18! i met him when he was 7. he was in our primary class. and we used to watch him and his brother when kris and jer went out of town. i miss those days. he is a good kid to the core and i've enjoyed watching him grow up. he is also an amazing golfer. he puts so much work into golf and is so dedicated. i was not the least bit surprised to find out he wanted some photos taken of himself on the green. :) he is such a cutie. or maybe i should say handsome now that he's 18. ;)

these are my top 4 pics. i love them all. his face. his stance. his club. his swing. the colors.
thanks for letting me take your photos matt! i look forward to seeing what your future holds.

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