Tuesday, November 23, 2010

portland::play boutique.ikea.pizza.fro yo

we drove to lake oswego to go to the play boutique to meet some friends, kelly and carrie and their families. we arrived early and hadn't eaten breakfast yet. right around the corner was the lake oswego ice creamery.
what better thing for breakfast than hot chocolate and ice cream?!
they were both delicious!

we also shared an omelet and pancake. everything was delicious.
soon enough it was time to play.

we were there for two hours. the kids had a blast and it was a nice visit.
after that we went to ikea. we got river a big girl bed for her birthday, more of the picture shelves that i can't seem to get enough of, a duvet cover for a friend, and some picture frames. we then ate lunch in their restaurant for free. sweet! another happy, successful trip to my favorite store. :)
we rested for a couple hours in the hotel and then, at carrie's recommendation, we went to a cute little pizza place for dinner.
we got lucky number 13. always a good sign. :)
this salad was yummy.
river went and sat on this woman's lap and helped herself to her pizza. good thing river's charming or the woman might have been annoyed! :) she makes friends where ever we go.
our pizza was wonderful. so good.
after dinner we went up the street to a frozen yogurt place. i've been slightly obsessed with the self serve frozen yogurt places lately. in boise blue cow is my favorite. in meridian yo yo's takes the prize. spoon me wins for best decore and slogan. :) tiny bit obsessed. ;) this place was ok but not even on the radar.
i always get a fruit flavor, preferable of the sorbet variety, and load it with fruit. mmmm.
flower always gets chocolate with chocolate chips or mint with chocolate chips. i added some peanut butter cups to hers since all four of us were sharing these two.
we ate our dessert in bed and went to sleep that night well fed and happy!

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