Thursday, November 25, 2010

river is 2!

on november 20th river turned 2!
i love this age. her sweet voice as she talks more and more just melts my heart.
*she says t's for c's. for example, tooties(cookies), tow(cows), tandy(candy), which we hear wayyyy to often!
*she is little miss independent and we constantly hear her say "Do it!" which means "i'll do it" if we try to help her.
*she does front flips off the sofa
*she says "right here" if your looking for something
*she says, "besh you" every time one of us sneezes.
*she says, "scuze u" anytime we burp
*every time we get off the phone she says, "whozdat?" and then when you tell her she says, "oh" as if she really knows who you were talking to.
*she loves coins and calls them monies. she carries them around or loves to put them in her potet(pocket)
*she loves to put things in her pockets!
*she is really in to her babies. she loves to feed them and cuddle them. she is a good little mommy.
*she says "wan it" when she wants something or if she doesn't want something you're offering. her tone changes depending on whether she wants it or not.
*she is constantly saying "punny(funny)" after she does something. like she'll pull flower's hair and then after flower cries she gets this evil look and says, "punny". it makes us laugh.
*she often says, "Tine out" and marches herself to timeout after she's done something wrong.
*anytime we get up off a chair, bed or sofa she runs to our spot and says, "daddy's spot, wowie's(flower's) spot, or mommy's spot" and then says, "punny" she thinks she is so funny.
*when she wants something to drink she says, "waterdrink" or "watertirstypease" it's very cute.
*she constantly says, "hide!" and then hides under a blanket and than says, "whfind me!" or she'll tell us to hide and then she says "weady or not"
*i love how she says ice cream..."ice ceam" it's so much about her tone too.
*she can sing her abc's, with some letters more recognizable than others. she also loves to sing the happy birthday song to herself!
*she counts to 8
*she just recently is understanding when to use her manners on her own and started saying "No tank you" when we offer her something. she is also quick to say, "tank you" when you've done something for her.
*if we are hurt or crying she rubs our back and says, "you ok?" over and over. it's so sweet.
*the other day i said, "river come here please" and she held one finger up and bounced her hand as she said, "1 second" and went back to what she was doing. she is developing an attitude!
*she calls voodoo doughnuts "boo boo doughnuts"
*during the summer she didn't like the windows being down in the car. if they were down, she'd repeat "winows" until we rolled them up.
*anytime she is reaching for something, like a chip or pickle or anything of different sizes she says, "beeg one!" and has to find the biggest one.
*she is still very attached to her binky and blanket.

she recently had her two year check up and is as healthy as can be! she is now off the charts in height at 38 inches and 95% in weight. I think she was 32 pounds. she is wearing a 3T or 4T. she has the same size feet as flower at a size 9. her hands are now bigger than flower's. i love it! she is just so dang fun and we love her so much. she is so sweet and lovable.


Sandee said...

I love all the pictures they are really cute!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

What a fun post! Some of the stuff she does is SO cute!

Let's kick it.

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