Monday, November 8, 2010

introducing strawberry

we'd like to introduce our new family member, strawberry. he was named after the beatles song strawberry fields. he's a turtle and very cute. the girls love to watch him. a tenant of mine was giving him away for free. we found a tank on craigslist for $10 so we figured why not?
this is the box in which we brought him home.
he was trying escape the dreaded box while we were setting up the tank.
he loved being back in the water.
however, we soon realized this was just not a big enough space for him.

so we got a 50 gallon take for free from a guy kg works with!
and now he has a proper basking area for him to get out of the water, get warm and get his shell dried out a couple of hours each day.
he seems to be very happy. i love hearing the girls talk to him and get excited to see him. river woke up yesterday morning and immediately said, "see strawberry?" when i took her in there she gave a big "good morning strawberry" and kiss the tank. and they both pray for his health and happiness. it's very cute.

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