Wednesday, November 24, 2010


we spent several hours at omsi and had so much fun!


water features

launch balls
learning about genetics
river thought it was so cool that there was a toilet she could flush over and over!
they learned all about plumbing and where the water goes.
astronauts for a day

we all got to launch a shuttle and try and land it on the landing pad.
river actually got the closest!

as you'll notice, i couldn't get enough of the view from inside of omsi. the water and city scape were so beautiful and the fog added to the magic.

river and i had so much fun in this room launching balls. some boys teamed up with me to get their friends and i was more than happy to help. we laughed so hard! that's my hand on the tube aiming at the kid in red. :) they'd fetch the balls and load them up and i'd aim the tube! :-D
although i was a good shot, i also took a couple good hits. :-/ all in fun. :)
we had fun learning about electricity and making our hair stand on end. :)

we had so much fun! river picked out a rock candy sucker as her souvenir, flower picked out a cool noise maker.
we were exhausted!

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