Monday, November 22, 2010

Portland::the drive. swimming

the weekend of november 13th we decided to pack it up and head to portland! lynnette had given me an extra day off and then was kind enough to trade another day so it was set.
we wanted to go to an ikea for various reasons and our choices were utah, portland or seattle. portland won. the girls did amazing on the drive. i was shocked at how quickly the drive went. it felt like we blinked and we were there. they just read books and sang the whole way. good times.
we had planned to go swimming after we checked into the hotel only to find out the pool was outdoors. so the bathtub it is! they put their swimsuits on and had a blast. i also gave them cups of ice and they thought that was great fun to watch it melt.
(although that looks like mold on the tile grout, it wasn't, it's where the walls were wet. it looks really gross in the photos :))

this was our room. clean, comfortable, inexpensive. it's all we needed.
i forgot to pack pajamas for flower so she and kg took a trip to target to pick some and grabbed some yogurt for breakfast and microwavable panini for dinner.
we enjoyed a good night's sleep and it was the first time flower and river shared a bed. :)

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