Wednesday, November 24, 2010

portland::wake up. waterfall. soundtrack. the end

i loved seeing them sleeping together.
soon enough they were awake and wanting yogurt for breakfast.
we packed up and headed out. we went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant before getting on the road for home.
we stopped at multnomah falls on our way. we also stopped at some different falls first but i don't remember the name. we got so close we were getting wet. even though it was raining and cold, it was beautiful and we loved it.

flower's face was a good indication of how much they were getting splashed. :)

it was actually very loud.

so beautiful.

this is multnomah.
we had planned to hike to the top but it was just raining too hard and we were soaked!
we went in the gift shop and got some bumper stickers for crush and let the girls crush a penny.
the girls did fantastic on the ride home and we really enjoyed the entire trip. i'm so grateful we were able to take this time and be together and have lots of fun!

here's our soundtrack for the whole trip:
beatles-white album
random 2009 pop hits
mamma mia soundtrack
they might be giants-mix
katie herzberg-mix
owl city-mix
jack johnson-brushfire fairytales.

excellent trip...excellent company...excellent music!

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