Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring break::day 1 and 2-seattle-argosy cruise, pike's place

march 23, our spring break officially started when we picked flower up after school on friday and were on the road to seattle! i think we arrived around midnight. we used vrbo and got an amazing apartment right across from pike's market and so close to everything. we were able to walk to almost everything. it's amazing!
march 24, our place. i loved having a full kitchen. we kept the fridge stocked with greek yogurt, plus fruits and veggies from pike's market. it was nice that when the girls were hungry they could go help themselves and we didn't have to go out constantly. kg also bought eggs and made scrambles eggs one morning.

we finally ventured out around 12.

that's the outside of our apartment. we were on the 11th floor.

the building with the orange is our place. this is the view from argosy.
first we did a one hour argosy cruise on the bay.

the girls took these next few photos.

i love bridges.

the long arm in the middle of the shadows is flower waving. i'm to her left. :)

how can something so cute be so stinky?! flower's are the worst!
i see this finger in my face all day begging, "just one more" of whatever it is she's wanting. :)

this is the photo they took of our family before the cruise. we were scolded for taking a photo of it instead of buying it. :p

we then went to ivar's for lunch. so yummy. thanks for the recommendation richie!

river made new friends while we waited for our table.

we had so much fun watching and feeding the birds.

flower looked away for one second and that bird swooped in and grabbed her bread. it scared her!

after that we went to pike's market and found the famous gum wall. so gross but so cool!

kg bought each of the girls a pink tulip to adorn our counter at the apartment.
this is where we bought our fresh snacks! delicious.

a perfectly relaxing first day in seattle!

p.s.-this was also the day i flushed my phone in the toilet at ivar's. so bummed! didn't have a phone the rest of the trip and had to pay $150 for a new one. :(

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