Thursday, March 29, 2012

spring break::day 7-seaside-rain, mazatlan, taffy, beach, norma's

thursday, march 29th, we woke to more rain. it rained all night and the winds were unbelievable! turns out it was part of a tropical storm. we didn't really mind too much because we needed a rest day.

but eventually we got hungry and ventured out to mexican food.

it was yummy.

flower took this photo of me
river took this photo of flower
and her shell bowl
then we drove through the little town and stopped for saltwater taffy.

spin to win!

the girls are so funny. their personalities shined in this store! river grabbed a handful haphazardly of each kind she laid eyes on and we had to reign her in. flower was very thoughtful and deliberate, reading each flavor and taking one, and only one, of a flavor that sounded yummy. we brought them both to a happy medium or we'd have been there all day with flower and river would have cleaned out the store!

when we got home we danced. we are loving the song 'we are you' by fun.

i finally just decided after several hours to go out in the rain for a bit. i was ready to get soaked and just have fun with it and then it stopped.

so we decided to go to the beach and take advantage of no rain.


swings on the beach are brilliant!

finally we had worked up an appetite for dinner.

we then went home and watched stewart little.

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Shannon Lytle said...

I love that candy store! I got to go there in '99 on a choir trip, and I was in heaven. That taffy was so yummy. Thanks for the little walk down memory lane. River sounds like how I feel when I get close to candy. :)
Our family was originally going to go to the coast/Seaside for spring break, but then decided to wait until summer. Glad you guys had a fun trip.

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