Monday, March 26, 2012

spring break::day 4-seattle-aquarium, ears pierced, lorax

march 26th we started out the day with a walk. river insisted on putting her monkey in her shirt and made me hold the tail. so cute.first we followed aimee's recommendation and went to lowell's for breakfast. holy cow this was good. i enjoyed my veggie omelet. it was chalk full of fresh veggies from pike's. no matter where we go, i always share my meal with the girls, and then kg gives them a bit too. it's always the perfect amount of food. they were scarfing the veggies too! thumbs up, aimee!

we loved the view while we ate.

we then stopped to get some candy, and accidentally left it on the scale when we left and didn't realize it till a few hours later. luckily, the owner still had it when we went back for it that evening.

then we went to the aquarium. the girls love seeing fish and starfish.

an otter with a frisbee?! so stinkin' cute!

river is a goof ball.

can you spot the seahorse?
we got to watch the octopus be fed. pretty cool.

finally we headed for the biggest mall in the northwest for a huge event. flower was getting her ears pierced!!!
she studied her earring options and chose a beautiful blue flower.
this is her classic nervous face. :)
then excitement again.
marking her ears.
the nerves were setting in.

and then she got really scared, wouldn't let them near her ears and was very jumpy. i finally had to hold her chin and they did it quick, both ears at the same time. and voila!
she didn't cry but she wasn't sure what to think. she was still contemplating the sting.
so cute, right?
she was not about to give us a smile, even after looking in the mirror.
river got some gum in a frog container as a consolation prize since she couldn't get her ears pierced. not until she's 7.

finally after showing flower a photo of her earrings she was willing to smile and didn't stop! she finally admitted it wasn't so bad and only hurt for a second. such a cutie. she's been very responsible in taking care of them as well.
then we decided to see the lorax.

we loved it.
finally we went to simply thai, recommended by marcie. we loved it! definitely some of the best thai we've had. so good. thanks marcie!

after picking up some cupcakes for dessert we went home.
we all got in the hot tub and then watched the zookeeper.


A-me said...

Ohhhh how I adore Seattle. So glad you checked out Lowell's!! Isn't it great??

A-me said...

P.S. You look absolutely stunning in that first photo! <3

Erik & Marcie +3 said...

So fun! Glad you loved it!

Let's kick it.

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