Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring break::day 3-seattle-beth's cafe, zoo, molly moon's, bainbridge island

march 25 we started the day at beth's cafe for breakfast. thanks for the recommendation richie. it was a fun place to visit and the food was good but not the best we've ever had.

playing rock-paper-scissors while we wait for our table.

kg and flower cannot eat breakfast food like omelets and hashbrowns, without green tabasco sauce.

river and i like syrup on our eggs and ketchup on our browns.
the fam drew pictures to add to the walls. that is kg's at the top of the door.
flower's on the left, river's on the right.
i loved the murals on the walls behind the restaurant.

then we spent the day at the zoo.

we then waited in line for an hour to try molly moon's ice cream! so yummy.
the girls entertained us, as well as the entire line, while we waited. :)

finally we took the ferry to bainbridge island. it made me a little sick but it was fun.
we struck out with 3 restaurants before finally settling on a delicious pizza place!

these monkey's are what the girls picked out as their souvenir from the zoo.

then we went to blackbird bakery to get the pie that came highly recommended by adrienne, and they were closed. i was so bummed! the ride back was quiet as i sulked.
otherwise it was another fun day!

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