Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring break::day 5-seattle-space needle, emp museum

march 27 we walked to the space needle. i loved that our apartment was only a mile away.

it was cold up there! we didn't stay long because we were all hungry and cold.

we then went looking for lunch before going to the emp museum. we stumbled upon a really cool maze outside and the girls had a blast running from start to finish. :)

the restaurant that we were looking for ended up being closed so we went inside the emp to use the bathroom and discovered a place to eat. it was good!

then we toured the museum which was very cool!

there was a huge screen on the wall above her head. there was music video playing constantly. there were lots of chairs that people were sitting in to watch but she used that open space as her stage and danced in front of everyone. :) at one point they played thriller which was fun.
river was making fast friends with this gal when she wasn't dancing. :)

river played the drums while flower played the piano.
and then they posed in front of this really cool wall outside.

the girls wanted to ride the monorail so we road that to pike's place to get frozen yogurt, then went back to the hotel and took naps.

for dinner we went to hard rock. not our favorite and over priced. we usually don't hit them up but decided to this time.

we celebrated an early birthday for flower. she had to stand on the bench and the whole restaurant chanted happy birthday :)

finally we went back to the space needle for a night time ride. i think the consensus was that we all enjoyed it at night more. it was beautiful.


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