Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring break::day 6-seattle-top pot, science center, astoria-oregon

march 28 was our last day in seattle. we checked out of our apartment and went on our final adventures. we took adrienne's recommendation and stopped at top pot to get some doughnuts to take to oregon. they were good but the glazed was the best and we all like the raised better than the cake. first we shared a couple of delicious sandwiches from there. it's such a cool place with floor to ceiling books. i'd chill there for hours reading if i was alone.

then we went to the science center where we had lots of fun. we also ran into two of flower's classmates, twin boys-chris and nick, so we went to the butterfly garden with them. they were so thrilled to see each! it was fun.
the butterflies were definitely my favorite part of the science center.

i kept to trying to capture these guys in flight because when their wings are open they're a beautiful vibrant blue. no luck.

i love that this flower looks like a painting.

we made our own butterfly.

the music area was really cool.

flower and kg got in this hurricane simulator. river was too scared to get in but then wanted to when they came out unharmed. so she and i got in and then the machine wouldn't work. bummer. watching them was hilarious! lots of people stood around to watch. it got up to 75 mph.

flower was screaming and laughing so hard!

and then we were off. we loved seattle! so much fun. thanks to anyone that gave us recommendations. can't wait to go back.
from there we drove to oregon.

we stopped for dinner in astoria. that is a really charming town.

the girls begged us to go up and down the steep streets so we obliged. they act likes it a roller coaster. so funny.
after our fun we proceeded on to seaside. we checked into our condo.

the location was perfect and the we loved how big it was. it was loaded with toys and games for the girls and that kept them busy which was nice. there ended up being an unfortunate ant problem, the large black kind. that sucked. i definitely liked our place in seattle better, overall, but this one had it's perks too.

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