Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sugary Sweet Weekend.

There were lots of tender moments this weekend. It started off at 1:00 Saturday morning. As I headed to bed I checked on the girls. I love watching them sleep. Seeing her cuddle her white fury silky edged blanket is so peaceful.
Those lips are perfection! So yummy and plump!

Oh mylanta those thighs are delicious! Pass the ketchup please...I'm going to have a nibble.
I love Flower's bed for all the space it provides below for play. What I don't love is that I'm not able to watch her sleep anymore. Not sweet.
This is the best I could get of her without killing myself.
Ok it wasn't all sweet. Getting woken up at 7:00 am on Saturday morning by crying, which I can usually remedy by offering a bottle to buy a couple more hours of sleep, and discovering poop covering crib and baby was definitely not sweet.
The bath that followed was sweet. The backache that accompanied it due to bending over so early in the morning was not sweet.
She likes to sit up in the bath now. Laying on her back was never her favorite. This makes bath time happier. I love watching her play with the running water of which she used to be afraid.

Yes baby, 7:00 am is too early for a bath. ::yawn::
Her favorite bath time activity is now standing. It makes me nervous.
It makes her so happy!
Until she slips. Crying means time to get out. I love her eyebrows. They have so much expression.
After stripping nasty sheets from the bed I came out of the bedroom to see this. Gawh! So sweet. Sitting in the bright light of the early morning sun that cast their shadows on the wall. Flower was showing River the ropes of shadow puppets. Sugary sweet.

It's very sweet for me to see them playing together. It's happening more and more these days. It's especially sweet because Flower has never been a solo player and now that she has River following her around she is no longer under my feet all day! Excellent.
She does everything Flower does.Later in the afternoon I experienced a rarity with River. Cuddling. She was having a hard time napping that day, pushing through a 5th tooth and all. She climbed up in my lap, put her back to my chest and just sat there a starred. It lasted 15 minutes!
She didn't even try to put her paws on my camera when I tried to capture the moment. Just watched.
I love her little out stretched neck in this photo.
Eventually she fell asleep. I didn't move a muscle even though it was causing so much pain to my back. I relished in the tender moment that lasted almost a half hour.
After nap time I gave into Flower wanting her haircut and chopped her locks. I still completely adore this new look. It fits her sassy personality.
We woke up late. River was super clingy. KG had to stay late after church for some interviews. It only made sense to send him and Flower alone. I am so glad I did. I got more cuddle time with River! What I thought would be a one time dealio, happened again. She sat with her back against me for a good 10-15 minutes.
And since we were the only ones home it was completely quiet allowing me to relished in the joy for almost an hour because she fell asleep just like the day before. My back has not yet recovered and it is so worth it.River loves this doughnut tube. She pushes it all around the house. She puts one hand on it and one on the ground, pushing it in front of her as she crawls. Then she's stops and plays with it for a bit and then is on the move again.

Watching them play with their daddy is always sweet for me.
This a big deal for Flower. These types of things are really scary for her. She is so proud of herself!
It took everything in her to let go of his hands!

This girl isn't phased.
She jumped right up and then proceeded to chew on his feet.

We start 'em on the sauce early around here!
She's loving her new highchair that my sister is letting us use.
Very sweet weekend indeed.

Let's kick it.

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