Monday, November 9, 2009

Flower needs a post.

Here are a few things that make me laugh every time she says them:
:::You scared me outta the crap!
:::It's taking too much long
:::itsazaster(it's a disaster)

...Flower loves volkswagen bugs and buses(yay!). She talks often about someday having a pink bug. One day in the car she started telling us that she wanted a tiny pink bug to drive on a tiny road with tiny cars in a tiny world. It was pretty cute.

...She loves to play Yoville on Facebook with KG.

...She was given an older mac computer by Walter, our friend and painter of the apartments. It only has one game on it, a dinosaur game. She loves to play it. It's really entertaining to watch her and the excitement she get for all the moves and things she can make the dinosaur do. :)

...She is learning how to spell. I love it. All of a sudden one day we pulled up to a stop sign and she says "s-t-o-p stop! I spelled stop". It was so cute. Then she figured out 'go'. Then she told me later she can spell karate. I was pretty impressed. Now she can spell lots of words.

...She is learning to read. Because of the spelling thing KG wrote out some words and started teaching her how to sound them out and read. She can read words like ant, bat, cat, dog, frog, lamp, jet, hat, hit. You get the idea. She will sound them and then also spell them.

...She refers to KG's parents as buffalo grandpa and grandma. It started because KG's dad always has his business shirts on. The logo of his company is a buffalo and is on each shirt. It just made sense to her I guess. So now we say, "grandpa is coming over" or "we are going to grandma's" and she asks which one and we just have to say buffalo. That eventually led to what she calls my parents. They are always in their BSU gear so they are BSU grandma and grandpa. We can simply say "we are going to buffalo" or "bsu is coming over" and she gets excited. I really love it.

...I really like how she associates things with people. She's done it since we've known her. I have two friends named Kris/Chris which she met at the age of 2. It was confusing for her as to which one I was talking about and one day when I mentioned one of them she said, "m&m's Kris or ice cream Chris?" I busted up laughing! At two and a half for her to figure that out just cracked me up. Every time she went to Kris' house she got M&M's and now two and half years later Flower still refers to her as M&M's Kris. Chris lived above Cold Stone Creamery and we enjoyed some ice cream with him one day and he will forever be known as ice cream Chris in her book. These kinds of things go on and on. I'll have to write them down because right now they are escaping me. It's just so endearing.

...KG shared this story with me tonight of when they went to the cabin with Buffalo last Saturday. "Each time we drive to the cabin Flower will ask if we are going to the forest or the jungle. This past weekend I decided to ask Flower if she has ever been to the jungle. She promptly responded that she has in fact been to the jungle. When I probed for details she recounted an elaborate story about her adventure driving through the jungle with her BSU grandparents. She said they got lost while driving through the jungle and saw "giraffes, gorillas, lions, elephants, monsters, tigers....". Her story concluded with their party eventually finding the road and driving away. What an imagination!

We really love this girl!


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Clever girl! How cute. And "you scared me outta the crap" . . . LOL literally!

LAURA said...

So cute. I had to write down the things the kids said when they were little too. Some things you think you will remember forever, but you don't. I love it when they use their imaginations!

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