Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanksgiving eve

my family always has their thanksgiving on the eve of the actual day. i like extending the holiday and i like even more not having to split my day up between families. i really love my family and we had a great time tonight. we ate fantastic food. we laughed a lot. we played games. the kids played which always brings back such good memories of playing with my cousins. it warms my heart to see them love each other.
river rode the rocking horse for the first time.

the '12 year old boy' humor was running rampant and provided so many laughs. take for example this picture, which was supposed to have us guessing a camel, but somehow 'grandpa on viagra' easily flew out of someone's mouth. i love it when my mom laughs that hard. good times. good times.
river thought this dancing turkey was pretty great.

thank you family. i love you. we had a wonderful night.

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