Friday, November 27, 2009


thanksgiving was nothing short of perfect. we all slept in till 10:00 am!!! just let that sink in. children sleeping in until 10 am!! my kids have always been rock star sleepers and will sleep for 11-12 hours regardless of when they go to bed. i am extremely grateful for that. we all laid around most of the day. i got to lay in bed with kg and watch a couple of our favorite tv shows. kg also willingly changed river's poopy diapers. two of them to be exact. then he let me take a two hour bath. i read and slept and it was heaven. i then returned the favor and allowed kg a two hour nap.
finally the hour around to go to kg's grandparents for our feast. we had excellent food and enjoyed the company. we talked and laughed and played a game before calling it a night.
grandma jensen and river
river was being very entertaining while dancing and jumping around.

these are the best deviled eggs you will ever eat. they are justin's specialty. grandpa hunter decided to make a smiley face out of the food to show just how much we love these eggs. :)
i made that chocolate pie. it was ok. it was a recipe i have never made before that i found online. it was way to dark for my taste and not one i'll likely make again.
adam looked like he was having a seizure in that massage chair. :)
tired justin.
adam and grandpa playing chess.
the girls loved playing with this trax set.
it was hilarious to watch river try to grab the car as it went by. just a little too slow every time!
i'm really thankful for his family. i'm thankful that we all get along and it's always low drama. i love each of them.

family. friends. our jobs. my girls. my really cute husband. happiness. the gospel. love.
just a few of the things i am incredibly thankful for every single day of my life.

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