Sunday, November 8, 2009

They Might Be Giants::Family Show

Tonight we took the girls to see They Might Be Giants::Family Show.
It was at the Egyptian Theater which I love.
We met Shannon and the girls there as well.
The girls were so excited and ready to rock!
River running away is a familiar scene these days.
The stage was very cool.
The girls waiting with anticipation.
Our obligatory self photo...extreme close-up.
Our little concert going fam.
Flower looked high...hmmm. :)
And then the show began! We danced and sang to the music!
River jammed right along with us. That girl loves to dance!
At one point during the show, a confetti machine went off at the wrong time and caused a fire on stage. The music stopped and John was stomping it out. And as quick as it started, it ended and he started singing again right where he left off. It was great.
They sang all our favorite songs. We loved every minute of it! Although this photo doesn't portray it very well, none of us stopped moving. We pretty much danced and jived and sang the entire time!
It was really a great show.
It was so fun having my kids there and I danced a little harder and acted a little crazier because of it which make it that much more fun.
I can hardly wait for them to come to town again.

After the concert we went over to Shannon's for dinner. We contributed a salad to accompany her yummy stuff shells and garlic bread. We had a good visit that was brought to an end with a delicious dessert pizza. Flower had a ball playing with the girls. A very fun evening!

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Heather BT said...

Jealous! When they came to Det. they didn't have a family show. It would have been so fun to take the kids.
Glad someone I know got to see them.
Do you subscribe to their podcasts?

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