Sunday, November 22, 2009


Flower has been a big sister for a year and she is pretty darn good at it. River has been really good for her. Flower is not a solo player so it has been good for all of us that River is around. She has a built in playmate and it's pretty great. She is such a great helper too. She will get us diapers and even changes them sometimes. She gets her water when she's thirsty. She'll get her snacks. She's usually willing to share any food she's eating. She'll even share her toys. She loves sharing her room and won't sleep in there now if River's not in there. I love having two girls. The best part is they both adore each other. The look that River gets on her face when Flower walks in the room is priceless.

They both melt my heart.


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

They are so sweet together :). Love the pic of Flower holding River's hand as she is already part way down the slide - so much trust!

Adrienne said...

I adore these photos. Absolutely beautiful.

Let's kick it.

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