Thursday, December 31, 2009

A few of my favorite things from 2009 tennis shoes i got for my birthday. it's amazing what a proper sneaker can do!

...melaluca dermacort works wonders on flower's skin

...cloth diapers=fewer rashes, less blow outs, less waste in the land fill, saving approximately $350 in 2009 not buying disposable diapers.

...shazam iphone

...the really good sports bra i got for my birthday


...hand-me-downs for the girls. they have more clothes than we know what to do with and we haven't had to purpose very many of them


...river started drinking whole milk in november which means we started saving $85 a month not buying formula! new picture shelves. i've already rearranged them several times with ease best husband, flower=the best helper and big sister, river=total clown and good for a laugh

i can't wait to see what my favorite things are from 2010!

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Becky Marks said...

It's awesome to count your blessings once in awhile! I'm always surprised at how many I have when I take the time to do that!

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