Thursday, April 15, 2010

4.14.2010::flower's birthday week part 1

hey flower it's your birthday...we're gonna party like it's your birthday!
we kicked off her birthday week by going to get her free meal at red robin. their free meals are awesome because they are huge. this time kg and flower shared the free meal and river and i shared mine. cheap cheap. :) this was also the first time i had eaten out as celiac. it was weird to ask for a different menu but everything was yummy. cheap cheap. :)
we invited uncle monkey and the boys along. lisa had to take josh to his baseball game.

isaac was being whiny because he didn't want to share a meal with topher.

topher was being whiny because he didn't like the meal that was chosen for him to share. oy.
river discovered ketchup.
mmm good.
not only do you get a free adult size meal but you also get a free sundae and they sing. she gets so embarrassed. ;) take note of the dainty way she's eating her burger. pinkie out.

she so sweetly shared her sundae with river.
all the kids left loaded with balloons. river popped hers the second we got in the truck.
it was such a beautiful day we decided to head to the park. the g's live by us now so we showed them the park that is closest to their house. it will be fun to have them so close.

flower decided to make a wish and let her balloon go.
fly like the wind.

pretty good start to the birthday week if you ask me!

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