Sunday, April 18, 2010

4.18.2010::flower's birthday week part 4

sunday was the actual day of her birthday! happy birthday flower. wow, you are 5 years old. i can hardly believe it!
she requested a chocolate cake so i got busy in the kitchen and delivered. i also know she loves strawberries so that was my addition. i made a chocolate bunt cake, then i filled the center and lined the edges with fresh strawberries, and dusted it with powder sugar. she then requested i drizzle it with chocolate. yes ma'am! :) i drizzled it with gourmet melting pot dark chocolate.
i'm pretty proud of it because i think it's pretty. :)
she wanted tacos for her birthday so we went to taco time. yum.
soft taco for this chika.
then we went to my brothers to celebrate with the family. we also celebrated roger and royal's birthday.
river of course went right for the trampoline.

flower was first up for opening gifts.
i want to note she was given cards with money from both sets of great grandparents on kg's side. they are so kind to remember her. she also got money from buffalo grandparents! thanks guys.
this tinker bell lantern is pretty sweet from the madison's.
and she loves umbrella's, especially when they have a princess on them. thanks johnson's.
she was thrilled to get her high heeled shoes from bsu grandparents. and four pair!
look how cute they are.
lorelai liked them too.
thank you thank you everyone!
then she blew out her candles. based on the response, the cake was a big hit. wish i could have had some. :)
ahhh, lauren leaning against grandpa while she soaks in the sun.
as i'm sure you've noticed, this face just doesn't get old.
when we got home we gave flower her present from us. a cute little laptop. a guy that works with kg gave it to him for free when his laptop broke. it's a little 10". flower loved it so we gave it to her and she was thrilled to have her own computer!
now she can join us on the bed with her laptop. we let her stay up for an extra hour to play farkle that night. she was so happy.
pretty lucky girl. and there's even more to come!


A-me said...

Gorgeous cake!!! Well done. Happy Birthday Flower. <3

Adrienne said...

I love the cake! It looks AMAZING.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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