Saturday, April 17, 2010

4.17.2010::flower's birthday week part 3

saturday flower had her first friends party. a few days prior i took her to zurchers to pick out a theme. she chose princess and the frog. we picked up plates, napkins, crowns, a banner, a game and goody bags. as the kids were arriving we had the princess and the frog movie playing on tv for them to watch.
we filled the goody bags with a mini kite and candy.
the day of kas and i went to pick up balloons. the princess one is flower's and then there's one for each child to take home.
the mask and lips to the game.
kiss the frog game.
plates and 5! candles.
she wanted ice cream sundaes instead of cake. here is the spread she chose. cookies & cream ice cream, chocolate syrup, (i added caramel sauce), m&m's, and colored sprinkles.
we put the candles in the ice cream to sing to her.

the kids had fun building their sundaes.
she invited kas, erina, and lorelai.
that is one happy face right there. :)

they each got crowns to wear.
then we played the game.

after that she opened her gifts. she got so many fun, girly things! thanks everyone for the thoughtful gifts.

she also invited tiana. we missed jovie and topher. since it was her 5th birthday we told her she could invite 5 friends.

i can't get enough of this girl and her silly faces.

they played at the park for a little bit then came back and got in the hot tub!

mckayla(sibling to erina) and lorelai both fell in and had to be rescued but other that the kids had a great time! flower had so much fun! i'd say the party was a success.

that night kg took her on a date to fuddruckers for her free birthday burger.
she wore the pretty jewelry she got from kas.

she enjoyed her burger and i think they had a good time together.

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Samantha Jane said...

You're girls are so cute, and getting so big! Happy Birthday to Flower!

Let's kick it.

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