Sunday, April 4, 2010


since kg worked saturday night, the girls woke up when he walked in the door sunday morning at 7:30 am. that made for an early easter. they were thrilled with their easter baskets. i was loving the bright sunshine pouring in!

i'm in love with the sun shiney haze. she was loving her chocolate bunny.
her face shows how much she loved her new ctr necklace.
river got a farm animals book. have i mentioned that she loves animals? oh boy howdy. she LOVES them. she squeals and screeches at the sight of a real or fake 'in a book' one. funny kid.
they both got a beatles t-shirt.
river tried to eat her chocolate bunny right through the box.

flower chose both of their easter dresses. i loved her choices.

it warms my heart when flower reads to river.
kg did good on his easter basket buys.
just the energy i put forth taking their photos and enjoying their excitement was enough to make me feel fatigued. i was so weak from being sick the day before. i went right back to bed. the family joined me.
they ate their bunnies in seconds flat.
i absolutely love that we are on the side of the building that we get the morning sunshine in all our windows.
i slept until noon. then i got up and watched the first session of conference with flower(we tivo'd all of conference) while she did her primary work book. then i started getting ready for the gathering at my parents. i was so weak it seriously took me two hours to get ready. i had to keep stopping to rest. the simplest things were so draining like shampooing my hair, blow drying, getting dressed, etc. wow. longest it's ever taken me and we were late. but we made it there by 5:30. we had homemade chili and chicken noodle soup compliments of my sister and mom respectively. we brought a salad.
then the children enjoyed an easter egg hunt.

they went home with baskets full of candy filled eggs.

pretty, pretty girls.
all the cousins in attendance. i wanted to smack adam. out of 9 pictures he felt it necessary to make a stupid face in every one of them. grrr.
love her lips.
we had a good time but i was ready to go home and get back in bed. on the way home river decided to projectile vomit four times, right into the loaded easter baskets. bummer. plus all over the her, her car seat, the seat below her, the door and the floor. it was so nasty! apparently she wasn't quite over the bug. :(
i really enjoyed easter being on conference sunday and i'm grateful for my savior.

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