Saturday, April 3, 2010

4.3.2010::dying easter eggs

i woke up so sick the day before easter. river had been sick two days prior. it was a nasty stomach bug that lasted just one day. but holy crap did it wipe me out. i was pretty much useless. that night kg got things ready to dye eggs. i managed to come out of the bedroom long enough to get some photos and dye one egg before i retreated to my bed.

river found sucking on the egg dipper much more appealing than the dying.
i had heard of a cool technique with rubber cement. i gave it a shot but not feeling well i just didn't have the patience.
that's my one egg. it was supposed to give it somewhat of a tie dye look. i think it worked but with patience could have been really cool.
one of flower's eggs.

kg also bought stickers.
kg did polka dots and other tie dye techniques that turned out cool.
those are all done by kg and flower.

i think they had fun and i thought the eggs were pretty.

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