Monday, April 12, 2010


do you want to smile? then look no further. this post is sure to make that happen. i cannot tell you how much i love these photos. yes i can. they make me and my heart so happy.
the other night i walked in to the bathroom to see the girls were in a bubble bath. the problem? i hadn't put bubbles in. i soon realized how they got there. flower poured river's entire bottle of body wash into the tub. a new bottle. grrr. i was really annoyed. but after i started scolding her i sat there and just watched, and then i ran for my camera. they were just being too cute for words. i sat there on the floor for an hour just snapping away. most of the time they didn't even pay attention to me so it was just raw fun.

and sometimes they did notice me and would cheese it up!

i love her natural 'whole face' smile. :)

they were so spontaneous and silly.

THE best kissy face on the planet.

she was trying to get her feet up on the ledge like flower and couldn't quite figure it out. :)
so flower tried to help her and almost drowned her.
but they figured it out and i love their laughter.
look how close those feet are in size! they might be 3 1/2 years apart but their feet are almost the same. just one size.
love those wrinkled up feet.

and then river started getting fussy and tired.

and the yawn confirmed it.
she was smelling her feet and spitting. :-D
cute little piggies.
they were covered from head to toe with bubble slime.

okay...time to get out.

pleading eyes.
finally out and jammies on. she LOVES zippers right now and zips and unzips things over and over all day long.

a really lovely evening. an evening that makes me love them a little more and forget about the annoyances for a bit.

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