Monday, April 19, 2010

4.19.2010::flower's birthday week part 5

monday we went out to dinner with kris, matt and judas(their brazilian student). we missed jer who was out of town.
we decided to try out a new restaurant. it was good but not our favorite and i doubt we'll go back.

kris gave her this awesome princess pack filled with girly things.
she also brought river some ponies.
she really is the best. i'm so lucky to have her as my very best friend.
we love mexican food and especially chips and salsa. flower is a die hard. it doesn't matter how hot the salsa is to her, she won't quit eating it. even if it's causing tears like this:
did you see that tear running down her face and resting on her chin? she cracks me up!
after dinner we went to baskin robbins for flower's free birthday ice cream.
we all love daiquiri ice in this family. yum!
kg also got a scoop of rainbow sherbet that he shared with river.

but she kept going back to the daiquiri ice though! i love flower's face. :)
when we got home flower immediately put on all the princess loot from kris. she struts her stuff quite well.
so perfect for her!
shortly after this photo i was overcome with pain. i couldn't handle it. i couldn't breath, sit, stand, lay or move. it was awful. we ended up calling Kylee and Jamie to rush over and KG took me to the ER. kidney stones were the culprit. i have never had them before and holy crap is that painful. yikes. i hope i never have them again.
so that was the end of flower's birthday week! i will do a separate post about her too. she pretty much rocks.


La belle mère said...

Nooooo! Kidney stones are of the devil!! Let's hope it's an isolated thing. I also didn't know about the celiac thing ... is that a new diagnosis?

Jamie Link said...

glad to hear that you are doing better...and I am glad that we were so close to help watch the girls.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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