Friday, April 30, 2010

april schmapril is now the elder's quorum president. that is a busy calling but i look forward to supporting him.
...the weekend of the 4th was general conference which we very much enjoyed. flower had a packet from primary that we worked on and actually helped us both pay better attention.
...4.8-i had two doctors appointments and then we delivered friendship bread, thanks to val, that flower helped me make. we went to visit amanda and kris. then we went to the church and got our temple recommends renewed.
...4.14-i had a follow up sleep study appointment to get my cpap machine.
...4.15-i had two doctors appointments. i was so happy with the results of the first. all my labs are the best they've been in a long time. looks like eating gluten free is working. i didn't make it to the second appointment because the truck stalled out on me. :(
...4.15-that evening we went to ward temple night. we got kylee to babysit. she is the daughter of a friend i used to work with and who now lives in our complex, although they are moving next month. she was our first teen sitter and i think it went well!
...4.16-kg took the girls swimming in the hot tub while i worked.
dang she's cute. this photo just makes me smile.

flower can now stand in the center without going under. she couldn't do that last summer.
...4.17-our oven went out. the lower element caught fire while i was making flower's birthday cake. thank heavens i finished the cake. it didn't have anything to do with us it just cracked and caught fire, burning the entire element and breaking it into a few pieces. nice.
...4.18-kg gave a really great talk in sacrament meeting and flower gave her first talk in primary. she did great! they both spoke on temples.
...4.19-i had two doctors appointments. i also went to lunch with kris, lindsay, hilary and tara. i also went to the dry cleaner and took flower to and from school during all that. whew.
...4.20-i had another doctor appointment.
...4.21-another doctor appointment. (are you catching on to the theme here?!)
...4.22-another doctor appointment.
...4.24-the girls spent the day with kg's family. they celebrated erina's birthday at a party that afternoon. they had so much fun. i helped with april's wedding shower that evening. it went really well.
...4.26-was the start of kg having a week off. he pampered and babied me the whole time. :)
...4.26-kg kicked off his break by taking to the girls bowling.flower had been saving her money for a bowling trip and was so excited to pay for herself.

then they went to josh's softball game. and river had fun climbing the fence. :)
when it was time to leave she through a big fit! flower has always been so obedient and when it was time to leave the park she was right there with us. other parents would often comment. i don't think river is going to be so easy on us. :)
they got subway and baskin robbins on their way home but had to bring it home to eat because she was still crying!
i opted to stay home because i had a lot i needed to do. i appreciated the quiet house!
...4.27-i did something very brave that i'm not ready to write about here yet. but i'm very excited. the girls spent the morning with kris. i was very grateful for her help and it made what i was dealing with so much easier knowing that the girls were having fun. i knew i didn't have to think twice about them. they had so much fun. flower painted her nails and river came home looking all over our apartment for kris' dog who-see(lucy). i'm sure they ate plenty of m&m's as well!
i'm really looking forward to a new month!

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Adrienne said...

Your April sounds crazy! I am very curious to know what brave thing you did, nice cliff hanger.

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